Q & A with Bride-to-Be, Elaina Cokinos

Meet beautiful bride-to-be, Elaina Cokinos from Washington D.C. Elaina and her fiancé, Brian Simpson are gearing up for an unforgettable Mountain wedding in Montana complete with lavish lavender and soft blush hues mixed with Gatsby-inspired decor.

Elaina is more than stunning. She’s smart, ambitious, and passionate about making a difference. Elaina is finishing up her last semester at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. She is currently studying education and religion and hopes to pursue a career in organizational design & change leadership in DC. She and Brian met in college and the rest is history. We decided to sit down with Elaina and get the inside scoop on her glamorous wedding plans. It came as no surprise to hear she even planned to bring in a horse-drawn carriage for her ceremony. Here’s our interview with the future Mrs. Simpson.

Q: How did you and Brian meet?

A: Brian and I met on my first day of school my freshman year. He was the residence assistant or RA in my freshman housing. He says he remembers seeing me unpacking my car with my dad and stepmom. We made awkward eye contact a few times. A few months later we had our first interaction where he was coming out of the bathroom and I said “nice towel.” One time he saw me stressing out over an assignment in the library and interrupted my phone call to tell me to come outside and look at how pretty the moon was. (I didn’t know him but I thought it was cute.) A few weeks after that, we had our first real conversation and we started dating like a week later!

Q: How’s the wedding process going? Fun? Stressful? What advice would you give to other recently engaged brides?

A: You have to always set yourself up for success. If you know that planning a wedding during a stressful time (for me, my senior year in college), then delegate or hire help. This whole thing should be fun. Don’t ever let anything stress you out. There will always be little hiccups but don’t let that steal your joy during such a precious time. Other advice I have is that your wedding will always …. let me repeat…. always be bigger than you actually want it to be. Have a list of criteria someone has to meet to be in your wedding. For example, I decided I had to know their first and last names, know their children, and have seen them within the last year. It will be different for everyone. But people will always tell you who to invite or how to plan it. It’s your wedding! As selfish as that sounds, I had to remind myself of that many times.  I want to please everyone, but, you can’t. This day is about celebrating the love of you and your fiance, and it should be an extension of the couple!

How did you go about looking for a wedding dress?

I started looking early for my dress. I would say always take 2 months to think about your dress before you buy it. I thought I had the one, but low and behold, after 2 months I saw THE ONE walking down the runway in a video from Bridal Fashion Week. I’m so glad I waited! Look online first, then go shopping in person.

Q: Where is your wedding going to be and what are you most excited for?

A: Our wedding is going to be in May in the mountains. The theme is kind of fairy tale, great gatsby-esque. That was not really intentional, that’s just what I love! I picked my favorite colors, lavender, gold and blush pink. I asked Brian if he was SURE he was okay with having so much pink. He said, “Well, it wouldn’t be my wedding if there wasn’t pink and sparkles everywhere!” The guy has to know his woman!

I am the most excited for my bridesmaids to feel amazing and taken care of as they are getting ready. I am also excited to see people I haven’t seen in awhile. It’s amazing how many people will travel for love!


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